Faculty of Education and Social Work

Patience Project

The Patience Project originated from a commitment made by Ben, Kelly and Christie Martel to their son/brother Liam, who passed away in Auckland’s Starship Hospital in late 2016.  Liam, who was aged 16 when he died, spent considerable days and nights in Starship over a 3-year period plus many days at home, where he could not attend school, clubs or other activities that a healthy teenager normally would.  Unfortunately, due to illness, injury and other circumstances, this is not uncommon and affects more teenagers than many would realise. In 2018 CCRE partnered with the Patience Project— a pilot programme aimed at assisting young people between the ages of 16-18 years who are experiencing a health condition, and as a result are excluded from their educational and social environments. The expertise of Andrew Thompson as a health social worker has been instrumental in the success of the project. Through Andrew’s extensive networks and connections with the CEO of the Patience Project we have secured exceptional collaboration with Starship. CCRE is currently conducting a formative assessment of the project, which seeks to build knowledge on how the Patience Project might be helping young people feel more included through the use of immersive technologies. We are excited about how the findings will benefit children who are socially excluded.