Farewell to long-standing Director

24 October 2014

Starpath’s long-standing Director Professor Elizabeth McKinley has stepped down after seven years to take up a postition at the Centre for Indigenous Education at the University of Melbourne.
In her time with Starpath Professor McKinley made an enormous contribution to the Project and its aim to address issues of equity in New Zealand education.
When she joined Starpath she brought with her extensive knowledge, not only of Māori education in New Zealand, but also of the challenges inherent in reaching the students who are falling behind.
Her ability to interpret and deliver in plain language the complexities of NCEA and how New Zealand’s social fabric and education system intertwine were of great benefit to the Project.
Over the years Professor McKinley became a national spokesperson on educational equality, and a trusted guide for teachers and principals wanting to enact change in their schools.
Recently, she has worked alongside two other leading Māori academics to establish Kia Eke Panuku - the Building on Success project, which aims to raise the achievement of Māori secondary school students.
While she will be sorely missed from the Starpath Project, her contributions have set in place a blueprint for widespread, systematic change in New Zealand’s education system with the potential to impact directly on the lives of hundreds of young people.