Two Way Conversations

Academic Counselling “generally refers to trained professionals counselling students on their academic plans, for course-taking while in secondary school as well as for post-secondary education” (Hughes & Karp, 2004, p. 3).


Once a school has up-to-date achievement data in place, it can use this to make evidence-based decisions in relation to student goals. This takes place in the Academic Counselling session.

Ideally one formal AC session will take place per term (or at least three times a year).  At senior level this coaching is ideally one-to-one. The Academic Counsellor may be a Whānau/form/tutor/homeroom teacher or Dean.



Planning for Implementation
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Training Resources

Skills for Active Listening
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Before the Conversation 

During the Conversation 

Counselling Notes
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Smart Goals
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Smart Goal Exemplar
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Student Goals and Learning Plans 

Subject Planning Sheet
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Year 9 Long Term Goals
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Year 10 Long Term Goals
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Year 11&12 Long Term Goals
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Year 13 Long Term Goals
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Case studies

Papatoetoe High School
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