Faculty of Education and Social Work

Promoting lifelong wellbeing

The overarching goal of this sub-theme is the promotion of scholarship, research and practice that will enhance social change, social justice, and well-being for all sectors of society.

  • Contribute to the reduction of child (0-18 years) poverty and the advancement of children’s right to a safe and violence-free environment.
  • Contribute to the promotion of health and wellbeing at all life stages.
  • Effective multicultural social support for people of all ages, gender, incomes, and (dis)abilities in urban environments (both acute crisis, and preventative modes).
  • Promote peaceful and inclusive societies.
  • "Anyone, anywhere, anytime" lifelong learning / Older people’s wellbeing through lifelong learning opportunities which accommodate (dis)ability challenges.
  • Critical inquiry into global, regional, national and local dynamics in policy from political economy and critical pedagogy perspectives.
  • Environmental stewardship and sustainability.
  • Kanohi ki te kanohi technology-driven interpersonal relationships, and self-care.