Faculty of Education and Social Work

KERU International Associates

Professor Michael Young
Institute of Education, University College London
2015. Curriculum and the Specialisation of Knowledge (Routledge )
2014. Knowledge and the Future School (with David Lambert) (Bloomsbury)

Professor Johan Muller
University of Cape Town
2009. 'Forms of knowledge and curriculum coherence', Journal of Education and Work, 22, 3, 203 - 224.
2013. (with M. Young) "on the powers of powerful knowledge', Review of Education', 1, 3, 229 - 250.

Associate Professor Brian Barrett
State University of New York (SUNY) Cortland
2015. (with Moore, R.) “Changing from within: Basil Bernstein, teacher education, and social justice.” In Philippe Vitale & Beryl Exley (Eds). Pedagogic rights and democratic education: Bernsteinian explorations of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment, pp. 47-58. New York: Routledge.
2014. (with Rata, E. )(Eds). (2014). Knowledge and the future of the curriculum: International studies in social realism. Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan.

Dr Andrew Hodgkins
University of Alberta
2015. Mining aboriginal labour: An examination of capital reconversion strategies occurring on the risk management field, Journal of Education and Work. doi: 10.1080/13639080.2015.1074664
2015. The problem with numbers: An examination of the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Partnership programme, Journal of Vocational Education and Training, 67(3), 257 – 273.

Dr. Richard Pountney
Sheffield Institute of Education, Sheffield Hallam University


Dr Kristina Göransson
Lund University
2015. Raising successful children: Children as accumulation strategy and the the renegotiation of parenting arrangements in Singapore. The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology, 16(3), 211-226.
2013. Reassessing the Intergenerational Contract. Journal of Intergenerational Relations, 11(1), 62-75.

Dr Torbjörn Friberg
Malmö University
2014, ”A holistic, self-reflective perspective on victimization within higher education in Sweden”, Critical Studies in Education.
2013. ”Toward a discovery-oriented ethnography in researching the professional context of higher education”, The European Journal of Higher Education.

Associate Professor Aje Carlbom
Malmö University
2006. ”An Empty Signifier: The Blue–and Yellow Islam of Sweden”. Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, 26, 2, 245-263.
2014. (with Adamson G, and Ouis P.) Johan Herder, Early Nineteenth-Century Counter-Enlightenment and the Common Roots of Multiculturalism and Right-Wing Populism”. Telos 169, 28-38.