Faculty of Education and Social Work

The Educational Doctorate (Leadership)

The school of Learning, Development, and Professional Practice (LDPP) is offering an inquiry pathway called Leadership of Educational Professional Practice to prepare leaders and practitioners in a variety of educational contexts.

What is the aim of the EdD (Leadership)?

This EdD (Leadership) aims to develop scholarly practitioners as they become leaders who are self-reflective, ethical and knowledgeable as they lead improvement that serves diverse communities and learners in Aotearoa/New Zealand. The programme is aimed at practitioners in diverse educational settings including early childhood, primary, secondary, tertiary and inclusive education contexts. They will carry out research that is ethical, rigorous and focused on problems of practice in order to contribute to educational improvement, make an original contribution to knowledge and engage with and serve relevant communities of practice.

Who is the EdD (Leadership) for?

This doctoral programme is intended for those who aspire to use and conduct empirical research to build their own and others’ educational leadership capability. Our concept of leadership includes both formal and informal leadership roles and is thus inclusive of all educators whether or not they hold a formal leadership role. Successful applicants will have a commitment to developing their ideas, expertise and relationships and it is these capabilities that form the basis of their leadership potential.


How is the EdD (Leadership) structured?

The EdD in Leadership of Educational Professional Practice has two distinct parts – Part A and Part B.

Part A: Completed in the first two years, part-time working with the EdD Leadership of Educational Professional Practice team. The two 60 point research portfolio courses taken in Part A each comprise two 30 point modules as outlined in the table below. During each module candidates attend on-campus sessions and are supported online.

Part B: Completed full time (2 years) or part time (up to 4 years) working with supervisors - 240 points.

The table below provides an overview of the programme.







Academics involved

Part A

EDPROFST844C (60 points)

Problems of Practice

2015 Semester 2

Critical Literature Review


The EdD Leadership of Educational Professional Practice team and Part B Supervisors

Methodology and methods for inquiring into problems of practice

2016 Semester 1

Methodology Project


EDPROFST844D (60 points)

Engaging with communities to inquire into problems of practice

2016 Semester 2

Paper submitted for publication


Designing inquiry into problems of practice

2017 Semester 1

Detailed proposal


Part B

EDPROFST897 (240 points)


2 – 4 years, full time or part time





Who are the academics involved?

The academic staff listed below are from the School of Learning, Development and Professional Practice. They comprise the EdD Leadership of Educational Professional Practice team and are developing the curriculum for the programme. Other academics will also be involved in teaching the programme.

Coordinators and Team Members

Team Members

Doctoral Candidates


Doctoral and Postgraduate Research Administrator

For enquiries about the Application for Admission process (AFA) for the EdD contact Mrs Leigh Beever.