Where can a degree in the Liberal Arts take me?

A degree in the Liberal Arts can increase your career options.

The Liberal Arts programmes include the BA in Education, BA (Hons) in Education and a MA in Education. These degrees blend education with core disciplines such as psychology, philosophy, sociology and history. Courses cover theory and research across a wide variety of areas ranging from effective teaching, child and adolescent development, gender and education, Maori education, Pacific Education and adult education.

Learn from lecturers who are the leading researchers in their fields.

With an education major in your BA, you can go on to the BA (Hons) in education. Alternatively, a BA in Education can lead to advanced postgraduate study (Postgraduate Diploma / MA in Education) in a specialised area of education. Both a BA (Hons) and an MA in Education can be used as a pathway to a doctoral degree.

With a BA in Education, you are also well equipped to go on to a primary school or early childhood teaching qualification. If you have included a major in a secondary school teaching subject in your BA, you may go on to a secondary school teaching qualification.

Programmes in the Liberal Arts

Graduate programmes to become a qualified teacher

Career opportunities

A BA in Education can take you along a variety of career paths. You might work in management and administration, government, the diplomatic service, tourism, the arts, media, the film industry, advertising, writing, editing and publishing, human resources, policy analysis, research, information management, social services and translation.

With postgraduate study, graduates in Education have gained employment helping with the planning and servicing of education in New Zealand and overseas; as educational psychologists; in human resource and personnel work; in Marae-based training, in government agencies engaging in and informing educational research, teaching and leadership positions in polytechnics and universities.