Faculty of Education and Social Work

Rethinking Middle Leadership

Future focused professional development for middle and senior leaders

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Middle leaders are a key interface between education strategy and implementation. Professional development can lift the capacity of middle and senior leaders with a focus on curriculum and pedagogical leadership and leading change.

Assessing the needs of your middle leaders

A middle leadership analysis tool has been developed by staff at The University of Auckland to enable middle and senior leaders to get feedback on their leadership performance and establish leadership goals.

Facilitators will work with your middle and senior leadership teams to assess their needs and support goal setting for each middle leader, linked to the context of the school.

A differentiated, needs-based middle leadership ‘curriculum’

Using the new Ministry of Education resource Leading from the Middle, facilitators can work with your school to develop a needs-based middle leadership ‘curriculum’. Such a curriculum will be interactive and contain digital resources and materials to support professional learning. Focus areas may include:

  • The dimensions of effective leadership.
  • Leading and managing change.
  • Leading student achievement in your school.
  • Leading quality teaching through inquiry, evidence and culturally responsive pedagogy.
  • Leading teacher development and establishing effective learning communities.
  • Strategic planning including analysis, goal setting, reporting and review.
  • Registered Teacher Criteria and e-portfolios.
  • Open to learning conversations.
  • Managing teacher performance.
  • Supporting career pathways for teachers.
  • An introduction to postgraduate study in leadership.
For more information please contact Cathy Wright to discuss on +64 27 548 5667 or cs.wright@auckland.ac.nz