Faculty of Education and Social Work

Principal and Leadership Appraisal Service

Plan for improvement with leadership practice analysis

TS 17

Our principal appraisal service provides performance feedback for principals and leadership teams, providing them with the information necessary to set goals for professional development and continual improvement in their practice.

Conducted by facilitators who themselves have principal or senior leadership experience, this service is available to primary, intermediate and secondary principals. It will provide feedback on co-constructed focus areas relevant to each leader’s school context, enabling effective change and enhancing performance.

Our appraisal process will provide Boards of Trustrees with an assurance that senior leadership performance is appropriately monitored and supported and can be customised with a suite of options to suit the specific needs of each school. This allows for general analysis against the Education Council professional standards indicators, or for the appraisal to be a focused investigation into a particular element of practice. 


For more information please contact Cathy Wright to discuss on +64 27 548 5667 or cs.wright@auckland.ac.nz