Faculty of Education and Social Work

Data Coaching

Make better sense of student achievement data through a customised professional development programme

TS 15

Team Solutions offers practical expertise to help schools make better sense of student achievement data and use the data to support teaching as inquiry.

Build your school's data coaching capacity

Our facilitators provide the coaching so that your leadership team or your nominated data coaches have the skills to collect, analyse and use data and evidence more effectively across the school.

Benefits of data coaching

Your school leadership team will benefit from gaining confidence in using Excel to aggregate and disaggregate data. Your teachers and wider school community will benefit from increased expertise in being able to use data to:

  • Inquire into school systems and practices.
  • Analyse student achievement data.
  • Inform student goal setting.
  • Track and monitor student progress.
  • Provide more accurate and timely feedback to students.
  • Reflect on teaching and learning.
  • Better inform annual target setting.
  • Report more accurately to parents and whānau.
  • Compare cohorts and track trends.
For more information please contact Cathy Wright to discuss on +64 27 548 5667 or cs.wright@auckland.ac.nz