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Customised professional development services

Explore some of the new and innovative opportunities for schools to purchase customised professional development services.

In education there is no one-size-fits-all, but we can assist school leaders in designing PLD that meets the needs of their priority students.

That is why Team Solutions, together with Kohia Education Centre, can work with you and your school to design a professional learning and development programme that best fits the unique needs of your school, your teachers and your students - where ever you may be.

Below are some examples of the customised programmes that are available for schools to purchase. For more information please contact Cathy Wright to discuss on+64 9 373 7599 (ext 46336) or cs.wright@auckland.ac.nz


Developing effective schools

Strengthening governance, leadership and management to develop effective schools

School leaders and Boards of Trustees are charged with a wide range of responsibilities in order to effectively lead and manage their schools. Highly experienced facilitators from Team Solutions are available to work with Boards and/or school leadership teams across a range of relevant focus areas. These focus areas can be customised and delivered according to the specific needs of your school board and leadership team.

Support for governance, leadership and management could include:

  • Board training, roles and responsibilities, effective meetings and board review.
  • Consultation with the wider school community, family, whānau, iwi and other relevant groups to meet the diverse needs of your school, for example, Māori and Pacific students and students with special needs.
  • School self review including preparation for Education Review Office (ERO) review.
  • Strategic planning and developing and/or reviewing an effective school charter.
  • Developing school policies and procedures.
  • Principal or leadership team appraisal.
  • Developing or reviewing effective teacher appraisal systems.
  • Managing performance - competency and disciplinary support.
  • Unpacking and exploring key Ministry of Education documents, strategies and policies.
  • Principal and senior leadership team appointments.
  • Leadership team development.
  • Organising school documentation under the National Administration Guidelines (NAGs).

Data coaching

Make better sense of student achievement data through a customised professional development programme

Team Solutions offers practical expertise to help schools make better sense of student achievement data and use the data to support teaching as inquiry.


Build your school's data coaching capacity

Our facilitators provide the coaching so that your leadership team or your nominated data coaches have the skills to collect, analyse and use data and evidence more effectively across the school.


Benefits of data coaching

Your school leadership team will benefit from gaining confidence in using Excel to aggregate and disaggregate data. Your teachers and wider school community will benefit from increased expertise in being able to use data to:

  • Inquire into school systems and practices.
  • Analyse student achievement data.
  • Inform student goal setting.
  • Track and monitor student progress.
  • Provide more accurate and timely feedback to students.
  • Reflect on teaching and learning.
  • Better inform annual target setting.
  • Report more accurately to parents and whānau.
  • Compare cohorts and track trends.

Rethinking middle leadership

Future focused professional development for middle and senior leaders

Middle leaders are the key interface between education strategy and implementation. Professional development can lift the capacity of middle and senior leaders with a focus on curriculum and pedagogical leadership and leading change.


Assessing the needs of your middle leaders

A middle leadership analysis tool has been developed by staff at The University of Auckland to enable middle and senior leaders to get feedback on their leadership performance and establish leadership goals.

Facilitators will work with your middle and senior leadership teams to assess their needs and support goal setting for each middle leader, linked to the context of the school.


A differentiated, needs-based middle leadership ‘curriculum’

Using the new Ministry of Education resource Leading from the Middle, facilitators can work with your school to develop a needs-based middle leadership ‘curriculum’. Such a curriculum will be interactive and contain digital resources and materials to support professional learning. Focus areas may include:

  • The dimensions of effective leadership.
  • Leading and managing change.
  • Leading student achievement in your school.
  • Leading quality teaching through inquiry, evidence and culturally responsive pedagogy.
  • Leading teacher development and establishing effective learning communities.
  • Strategic planning including analysis, goal setting, reporting and review.
  • Registered Teacher Criteria and e-portfolios.
  • Open to learning conversations.
  • Managing teacher performance.
  • Supporting career pathways for teachers.
  • An introduction to postgraduate study in leadership.

Focus on assessment and learning

Develop the assessment capability of your staff for teaching and learning effectiveness

Professional development focused on assessment and learning will benefit principals and teachers in primary, intermediate and secondary schools.


Benefits for your school

A focus on learning and assessment can contribute to changing practice in classrooms by:

  • Students and teachers developing a shared language for learning.
  • Teaching and learning focusing more directly on student achievement.
  • Students becoming more confident to share their learning and their goals with family and whānau.


Options for professional development

  • Instructional leadership
    Facilitators will work with you and your leadership team with an indepth focus on assessment and learning.
  • Assessment system review
    A facilitator will work with a designated team at your school to review the school assessment system and the collation of achievement data.
  • Classroom observations
    A facilitator will work with your school leadership team to plan and conduct a series of teacher observations looking at assessment and learning in the classroom.
  • Mentoring
    A facilitator will work with selected staff to mentor them on the coherent use of assessment tools across the school.
  • Capacity building
    A facilitator will work with your school or cluster for a day each week for up to one term, helping to build capacity and sustainability in assessment and learning.

Refocus on reading and writing (Years 1-13)

Lift literacy achievement through targeting professional development

Targeted professional development in reading and writing can be customised and delivered according to the specific learning needs of your students and the professional development needs of your teachers. This professional development is aimed at intermediate and secondary schools, area schools, senior high schools, middle schools and schools not receiving Ministry-funded professional development in literacy.


Subject specific literacy

As students advance through secondary school they need more sophisticated but less generalised literacy skills linked to the specific literacy demands of each subject. These literacy skills are neither easy to learn nor are they always explicitly taught.

When teachers acquire the skills to identify the language demands of their subject area and make these explicit to students, they become better engaged, grasp content knowledge more successfully and feel more confident in expressing their knowledge and ideas.

Focus areas for professional development

Leading literacy learning in your school

Experienced facilitators can help you analyse the current reading and writing practices across your school or within a particular department. They will work with you to develop more effective data collection and analysis, school target setting for literacy, building teachers’ subject specific literacy strategies and pedagogical content knowledge.

Developing literacy leaders
Literacy facilitators will model effective literacy teaching using materials and resources effectively, plus coach your literacy lead teachers to conduct classroom observations and feedback/feedforward.

Sustaining effective literacy practices
Facilitators will work with your school to build sustainability into your literacy professional development so that gains in student achievement can be maintained. Ongoing support for your literacy leaders through online forums and clustered initiatives will be provided.


Professional, personalised coaching

Focused professional coaching for teachers and school leaders

Team Solutions can offer professional, personalised coaching across a wide range of development areas. The coaching support can be customised and delivered according to the specific needs of an individual staff member, school leader or school group. Highly skilled, knowledgeable facilitators are available to coach your staff.


Benefits of a personalised coach

  • Tailored for individual or group needs.
  • Responsive to identified group or individual needs.
  • Timely and responsive.
  • Utilises inquiry to enhance learning.
  • Help meet performance goals.


Focus areas for personalised coaching could include:

  • Data analysis.
  • Culturally responsive pedagogy.
  • Curriculum design and leadership.
  • Classroom observation, feedback and feedforward.
  • Planning for challenging conversations.
  • Planning and implemention of professional development.
  • Data and resource systems.
  • Middle leader support.
  • Support for new senior leaders.