Faculty of Education and Social Work

Custom projects

Professional development programmes that have been custom-made in cooperation with the participating school to tackle the challenge they have identified.


No two schools are the same, and customised projects reflect that. Custom projects are a collaborative effort between Team Solutions facilitators and participating schools to create a targeted programme that is unique to the school in question, addressing their specific goals and challenges. While no two custom projects are the same, they do share certain characteristics:

Custom projects are:

  • Innovative, often incorporating the latest research
  • Tailored to the specific situation of the school in quesiton
  • Targeted at the particular goal identified by school leaders 
  • Collaborative, with Team Solutions working closely with school leaders to design and execute the programme
For more information please contact Cathy Wright to discuss on +64 27 548 5667 or cs.wright@auckland.ac.nz