Team Solutions

Leaders in professional learning and development


Team Solutions is one of New Zealand’s leading providers of professional learning and development services in the education sector and forms a vital part of the Faculty of Education and Social Work.

Each year Team Solutions calls on the combined experience of its more than 80 facilitators, sports mentors, reading recovery tutors and kaitoro to deliver professional learning and development with teachers and leaders in hundreds of schools around New Zealand.

Our whakatauki (proverb) Te kāhui akoranga ngaio (birds fly together) encapsulates the spirit of how we work cooperatively to create innovative professional learning and development projects specifically tailored to the unique circumstances of the individual teachers, leaders and organisations we work with.

We also recognise that making a big impact isn't enough if it's not continued into the future. We maintain a strong focus on ensuring the changes we help to bring about are sustainable in the long-run so they can continue raising educational achievement in the years to come.

Our affiliation with the University of Auckland's Faculty of Education and Social Work puts us at the heart of New Zealand's largest research-led university (which also ranks 23rd in the world in the subject of education and 10th in employer reputation). As a result our facilitators work in close proximity to world-leading researchers whose work impacts educational policy and development. 


Applying the latest research to changing educational outcomes

Team Solutions facilitators

Here at Team Solutions we pride ourselves on flexibility and an innovative approach to tackling the complex problems that exist in the education sector. 

This flexibility comes from the broad and ever-evolving expertise of our facilitators, who use their deep knowledge of The New Zealand Curriculum, assessment, leadership and pedagogy informed by the latest educational research to create solutions which get to the heart of the problems that are faced by educational professionals.

With offices across the country, we are able to work with schools almost anywhere in New Zealand. In 2015 alone we worked with teachers and school leaders in 1098 schools across the country to deliver over 92,000 hours of services in workshops, literacy programmes, leadership & assessment services, reading recovery and achievement programmes across all aspects of the New Zealand Curriculum.


What this looks like in practice

The 2014-2015 Literacy and English Language Learning PLD programmes saw us work with 96 schools across New Zealand, collaborating with 1261 teachers to change academic outcomes for 28,153 students. By the end of 2015 we had achieved the following results: 

Every school showed accelerated students progress for their English language learners

  • 92 per cent per of the schools we worked with in Literacy and English Language Learners PLD showed evidence of acceleration in student achievement (above and beyond maturation)
  • 88 per cent of schools were showing evidence of acceleration in achievement for Maori students
  • 93 per cent of schools showed evidence of acceleration for their Pasifika students 

For a more in-depth look at some of the projects, programmes and targeted interventions that Team Solutions has been involved in, take a look at some cases studies of our work.


Getting started with us

Team Solutions Director Camilla Highfield.
Team Solutions Director Camilla Highfield.

Team Solutions engages in projects that are directed by the Ministry of Education as well as school-initiated collaborations. 

Our facilitators bring with them a wide range of specialised areas of expertise, allowing us to help in a range of ways that include:

  • Gathering, analysing and interpreting both qualitative and quantitative data
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Planning and executing interventions in curriculum areas
  • Culturally responsive pedagogies
  • Digital learning technologies
  • Models of inquiry linked to the New Zealand Curriculum
  • Accelerating learning in literacy
  • Transformative leadership and building relational trust

If you have an idea for a programme you're interested in running at your school or there's a problem you're looking for advice on how to tackle, we're happy to arrange a time to talk about it, so have a look at our Contact page and give us a call.