Faculty of Education and Social Work

Programme overview

International teachers studying at the Faculty of Education and Social Work

International teachers studying at the Faculty of Education and Social Work are tutored by highly respected lecturers, who share their vast national and international experience in specialist teacher education - people who match their academic eminence with a wealth of practical teaching experience. A key aspect of our professional development programmes for international educators is the teaching and learning of English as a second language. Strategies for the learning of English in our courses ensure dynamic learning and very rapid results.

Visiting educators are welcomed into local schools where they are able to observe and to participate in the excellent programmes taught. This provides a valuable insight into the New Zealand education system and school management.

Our staff develop customised courses specifically for different international groups. A Certificate of Achievement is awarded to each participant gaining a satisfactory assessment at the end of each programme.

A key part of educating new students to New Zealand is their home life -The Faculty of Education and Social Work has a homestay service that welcomes international students into local families to enjoy typical New Zealand lifestyles while appreciating their need to study and to learn.

New Zealanders are famous for their friendliness, and our carefully selected homestay families include their visitors in family life, social occasions and a wide range of activities in the local community. Of course English language develops very quickly as a result.

New Zealand enjoys international recognition for its teaching programmes, and the Faculty of Education and Social Work is proud of the success of their international students who have returned home to use their new knowledge and skills to enhance their own practice.