Faculty of Education and Social Work

Professional Development and study programmes

We strive to provide our international educators with the best of everything - an excellent academic context, and well-equipped, modern facilities and resources.


Programme overview
Visiting educators are welcomed into local schools where they are able to observe and to participate in the excellent programmes taught.

Study programmes (a summary)
Visit this page to see detailed international programme information.

Programme fees
Programme fees depend on the course type. Visit this page for more information on programme fees.

When you are making important decisions about professional development, the programmes available and their quality will be your first concern. Then you'll want to know about what institution you might want to study at - its location, atmosphere, attitude to its international educators - all those details that create the reputation and credibility of a tertiary institution.

For this reason, we match the excellence of our programs by providing a wide range of supporting services. The academic, administrative and personal support available at the Faculty of Education and Social Work includes expert teaching staff, the best educational library in New Zealand, state-of-the-art information-technology and resources, cultural support for international visitors, healthy food, fitness and more.

We strive to provide our international educators with the 'best of everything' - academic excellence, well equipped, modern facilities and resources - and we take a personal interest in your success.