Our students

Our students are proud to study at Tai Tokerau Campus in Whangarei. Meet some of our current and past students.

Bridget Dyson

Bridget Dyson

Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Primary specialisation

“I am really happy to be studying at the Tai Tokerau Campus. The staff are really supportive, and working in local schools has reinforced my desire to give back to the community I live in.”

“I really love working with young children and am passionate about helping them to achieve their goals and to believe in themselves, so I decided to pursue a primary teaching qualification.

“I chose the University of Auckland because it offered the curriculum I wanted. I was drawn to the idea of training at Tai Tokerau because I wanted to gain experience teaching in Northland schools. To stay at home with the support of my family and friends was an extra

“Im really enjoying the practicums and find the theories I have learned invaluable during practicum. I enjoy building relationships with the school children, teachers, parents and my lecturers, which has helped to increase my confidence.

“Ideally, I would like to begin my teaching career in Northland and gain my registration and then gain more experience overseas. I would also like to continue with postgraduate studies to develop my knowledge and skills to allow me to be the best teacher I can be.”


Nikole Whareaitu

Nikole Whareaitu - Ngāti Raukawa ki Otaki, Ngai Tahu, Ngāti Takihiku, Ngāti Hinemata, Ngati Ngarongo

Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Huarahi Māori specialisation

“Juggling a family and study has been a real task but overall it as been a fabulous experience and I would recommend it to anyone thinking of studying in the future.”

“It has always been my dream to become a schoolteacher. After leaving school at an early age, working in the hospitality industry for 15 years, and having a family, I finally decided to pursue my dreams.

“Studying at the University of Auckland’s Tai Tokerau Campus ticked all the boxes for me. I liked the fact that I could stay in Whangarei while studying for my bachelors degree. The credibility of the University internationally is also a big plus. And the best part was being able to study in a Huarahi Māori environment.

“I love learning and opening my mind to new and old things. I enjoy being among other students who have new and exciting ideas to add to my way of thinking.

“At this stage, to gain my bachelors is my main objective. It is going to be fantastic to have it in my kete. I hope to gain full-time work as a primary teacher after I graduate. I’m also thinking about furthering my education in the future.”


Natasha Monk

Natasha Monk

Foundation Certificate Education

“Doing the Foundation Certificate has helped a lot. Since starting at the beginning of this year I have found that my literacy skills have improved immensely.”

“Having a son was a major factor in my wanting to become a teacher. After watching his eyes light up when I taught him new things, it became very clear to me that teaching was something I would love to do.

“The University of Auckland was definitely at the top of the list for me and I had heard nothing but good things about the Tai Tokerau Campus. I love that because our class is small, we have all become so close. And the staff are all so friendly and always willing to help.

“Studying this certificate has helped a lot by getting me back into the study routine, refreshing my knowledge of essay writing, and enabling me to practise good time management skills.

“After completing the Foundation Certificate, I’m planning to go on to study for my Bachelor of Education (Teaching).”

Jordyn Pitman
Jordyn Pitman

Jordyn Pitman

Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Primary specialisation

 “I choose to study at Tai Tokerau Campus as it was close to home. It also meant I could get to go on practicum in local schools that I potentially wanted to work at and therefore make connections within the community.

“The highlight of the programme is definitely the chance to get into real classrooms and getting hands-on experience of what my future job will be like. It has opened my eyes and broadened my ideas about what teaching is really like – in a good way.

“I received a Start Smart Scholarship in my first year and this has helped me financially. I really enjoy the community-feel of the Tai Tokerau Campus. It’s small so you get to know most people and you feel a part of the family. You can approach anyone and everyone.


Abby McLean
Abby McLean

Abby McLean

Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Primary specialisation

 “Teaching is my dream career. My main inspirations were my primary school teachers: the classroom was always a happy, colourful and encouraging environment, which helped to create a positive learning experience. I want to help produce life-long learners who enjoy learning.

“I chose to study with the University of Auckland as they had a campus in Whangarei, which meant I didn’t have to move away from where I had the support from my friends and family. The Tai Tokerau Campus is on a smaller scale and I really liked the feel I got from the Orientation Day. Also, the University is well-known overseas, which supported my decision.

“This programme provides good insight of what life as a primary school teacher is all about. It’s important to be open to feedback and feed-forward in order to become the best possible teacher you can be. Making the most of your practicum experiences is so important and it’s a great way to get your name out there and become recognised!

“I hope to gain my teacher registration locally in the Northland area. I also have aspirations to travel overseas with my teaching degree and, later, will look at returning to do postgraduate study to add to my qualifications.”




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