Faculty of Education and Social Work

Student support

University of Auckland students studying at the Manukau Institute of Technology benefit from access to a network of people, services, resources and facilities available at both the University of Auckland and Manukau Institute of Technology.

Support services are available to help you succeed academically and personally. Find out how to access these services or talk to our dedicated teaching and support staff located at Manukau Institute of Technology or the University of Auckland.

Student life and academic success

Manukau Institute of Technology

Health and Counselling

At MIT there are doctors, nurses and counsellors who are available to provide confidential medical, health and counselling services.

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Learning Support Centre (LSC)

The LSC is located on Level 3 of the Library, S Block, Suth Campus.  Learning Advisors will book appointments and will assist you to:

  • Improve note taking and research techniques
  • Understand maths
  • Improve your English

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Student advisory services

Study can be fun but sometimes students need a bit of extra help or encouragement. Student support Advisor are able to support all students.  Examples of some of the issues they help students with are:

  • Problems at home
  • Accommodation
  • Work/study balance
  • Personal and sensitive issues
  • Financial hardship

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Library Services

MIT offers an extensive range of library services and staff are able to assits students to find information within the library.

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Disability Support

Disability Support assist students in a number of ways including:

  • New Zealand Sign Language Interpreters
  • Short term loan equipment
  • Provide notetakers

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This team provides a listening ear, and an open mind to students in terms of uncertainty, transition, stress or crisis.

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Career Centre

Career Centre staff can help you with:

  • Job search strategies
  • Interviews
  • Your CV

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The University of Auckland

University Health and Counselling

The University offers health, medical and counselling services to it’s students including those at the Manukau campus.

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Academic Success Centre

The Academic Success Centre is an umbrella term for all student support services in the Faculty of Education and Social Work.

Services offered to assist students include:

  • Student learning services
  • Māori and Pacific student support services
  • Mathematics support
  • Academic English language support

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For students studying at Manukau academic and pastoral support is provided by Tessa Tupai, Fetaui Iosefo, and Tuakana-Teina mentors.

Please contact: Tessa Tupai, Fetaui Iosefo


Library Services

Staff and students enrolled in University of Auckland courses can request books and articles held in any University of Auckland library. For staff and students based at Manukau campus these books are delivered using the Inter-Campus Library Delivery Service.

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Financial support

The University of Auckland offers information on student loans and support, working while studying and money management advice.

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Personal support

A range of personal support is offered to the University students, including those studying at the Manukau Campus. The services include:

  • Health and counselling
  • Support for first year students
  • Māori and Pacific student support services
  • Student advocacy services
  • Support for students with disabilities
  • Childcare

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Career development

The University’s Career Development and Employment Services are available to all University students at Epsom, Manukau and Tai Tokerau campuses, while you are a student and after you graduate.

Services include:

  • Website and online resources
  • Workshops
  • Events and presentations
  • Personalised services

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Student experience

Manukau Institute of Technology


If you want to start a club or join a club, link up with a sports team, get support to organise an event.

Email: activities@manukau.ac.nz



Childcare facilities are available for students and staff at Manukau Institute of Technology.

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Student Accommodation

For information regarding student accommodation, including the MIT Student Village visit Accommodation page.

The University of Auckland

Students association

The Faculty of Education and Social Work’s student association offers services including:

  • AUSA membership and information
  • AUSA Hardship Grant information
  • Coordination of Faculty Sports Events


Student Advice Hub

Offers free support to all students, and is independent from the University including:

  • Academic complaints and study problems
  • Debt or funding issues
  • Housing and tenancy queries

For more information on the student association or the Student Advice Hub see here.


University of Auckland Campus life

For information on student clubs, groups or life on campus at the University of Auckland see here.


Parenting support

To see what support the University offers students who are parents.

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