Student IT essentials

Learn about the University's information technology resources and services available to students.

  • Logging on and NetAccount
    Find out which details to use when you log into University services and how to use, protect and change your University of Auckland password.
    See how to access and use CECIL, the University of Auckland’s Enterprise Learning Management System.
  • Student Services Online
    You can use Student Services Online to apply to the University, enrol in classes, view your timetables and update your details.
  • EC Mail
    Access to your University student email account.
  • Library website
    Read about how to browse the University Library’s website and gain access to thousands of electronic resources.
  • Forms for Students
    A range of essential forms to assist with your academic qualification.
  • Information Commons
    Discover the facilities and services that the Information Commons provide.
  • Lecture recording
    Everything you need to know about lecture recording at the University of Auckland.
  • Services for students with disabilities
    There are resources available to make using computing easier for students with disabilities.
  • UniSat
    UniSat is the University’s satellite service, which enables the reception of international TV channels.
  • Web DropOff Box
    The Web Dropoff Box is a service that allows you to share executables or large files with people both inside and outside the University.