Frequently Asked Questions: Epsom Campus changes


Q: Which entrance can I use for A Block over the construction period?

A: The main entrance of A Block will not be accessible from Monday 3 December 2018 until February 2019. There will be directional signage to the Student Centre, Assignment Centre and Reception.


Q: When will it be complete?

A: The start of Semester 1, 2019.


Q: Where will the main reception be during the construction period?

A: In A148. On the left as you enter the right-hand entrance to A Block.


Q: Which kitchen can I use in A Block during the construction period?

A: A201 upstairs until construction is complete.


Q: What will happen to the Assignment Centre and the after hours assignment box?

A: The assignment Centre will be accommodated in the Student Centre.


Q: Will it be noisy during construction period?

A: Like any building work there will be some noise, dust etc., but the end result for our students will make any disruption like that worth it in the end.


Q: Will parking be affected?

A: No.