The University of Auckland’s First Professor of Social Work

22 February 2017

Professor Christa Fouche
Professor Christa Fouche (left) with one of the postgraduate students she is supervising.

It’s only been a few months since it was announced at the end of 2016 that Dr Christa Fouché was being promoted to professor and it is just starting to sink in. As the University of Auckland’s first Professor of Social Work she joins a small but growing number of professors in the profession.

“This is truly a case of the success of one being the success of many,” says Professor Fouché who joins five other professors of social work currently researching and teaching in Aotearoa New Zealand.

“Many academics and professionals have worked relentlessly over many years to ensure that social work excels as a profession and academic discipline globally. It is a privilege to hold the title as Professor of Social Work at this University as an acknowledgement of the increasingly important position of social work globally and in New Zealand.”

In addition to being a social worker, educator, manager and consultant throughout her career, Professor Fouché is also a researcher, educator and is perhaps more recently known in the sector for her role as the Head of School in the School of Counselling, Human Services and Social Work. During her time as head of school, Christa was involved in renaming the University’s Faculty of Education and Social Work.

Christa reflects on the announcement back in April 2015:  “The change reflected a long history of more than 30 years association of social work with education at the University’s Epsom Campus and the significant growth of academic research and teaching in this area.”

As an applied researcher, supervisor, examiner and board member for various professional journals, Christa is also a strong advocate for developing and utilising research that supports the growth and sustainability of social work as an integral and important profession in Aotearoa New Zealand.

“I am honoured to have my scholarship acknowledged by this prestigious University. I am especially pleased with what this means for social work at the University of Auckland and in New Zealand.

Professor Fouché will present her inaugural professorial lecture on Tuesday 25 July 2017.

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