Generous donation helps three students pay for their studies in Education

31 July 2017

Scholarship recipients Kara, Charlotte and Kendall with scholarship donor, Arvind Dullabh

Three deserving students have been named as recipients of the Dullabh Education Scholarships.

Kendall Evans (Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Primary student), Charlotte Hawkins (Graduate Diploma Secondary student) and Kara Marsters (Master of Education student) have each been gifted $2500 to put towards their studies.

This is the first year this scholarship has run and is the result of a generous donation from Arvind Dullabh. Dullabh is a retired Mathematics and Physics teacher and alumni of the Auckland College of Education and the University of Auckland where he completed a Diploma of Secondary Teaching in 1989 and a Diploma of Technology Education in 2000. He previously completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Chemistry in India.

The Scholarships were established to assist students undertaking Education degrees at the Faculty of Education and Social Work, in particular, students studying Year 3 of a Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Primary, Graduate Diplomas in Teaching Secondary and masters degrees in the field of Education.

Dullabh says he was compelled to establish the scholarship through his passion for education and a philosophy for giving back he inherited from his father.

Dullabh grew up in a small village in Gujarat, India where his father was considered an influential person. In his father’s time, it was rare for people to be high school educated.

Before Dullabh’s Grandfather passed away, he gifted his savings of 600 Rupees to a prominent person in the village and asked them to make sure his son received an education. Dullabh’s father used the knowledge he learned through his studies to educate and teach the villagers who couldn’t afford an education.

He became a strong advocate for education and throughout his life helped children in the village to get their own education by assisting them with difficult application processes and loaning their families money to cover their exam fees.

“My philosophy of giving comes from my father. I think people should give whole heartedly. Every time you give to a person, you bless them at the same time and hope that they will be more successful than you have been in your life.

"I hope that this scholarship will inspire others to give back to the community too, whether that’s through donations or through volunteer work."