A stronger call for a full enquiry into the historical abuse of children in State ‘care'

14 July 2017

Dr Mera Lee-Penehira from Te Puna Wananga has joined with University of Waikato Associate Professor Leonie Pihama in the call for a full enquiry into the historical abuse suffered by children in State ‘care' in Aotearoa in recent decades.

In this radio interview on Waatea News Dr Lee-Penehira points out that 60% of all children in State ‘care’ in Aotearoa are Māori. The new Vulnerable Children’s Act does not have any requirement for the State to place tamariki Māori who require ‘care’, with whānau Māori where possible.

Mera discusses the relationship between culture, identity and wellbeing in the context of children in State ‘care’, and the inherent problems with the current legislation.

She also mentioned how this issue has similarities with the issues of the Aboriginal people of Australia and the First Nations people Canada.

"If we here can make a stand and do right by the people who have already suffered in their childhood, and do right by those children who potentially could be suffering again if we don't change the situation, then we do have the opportunity to show these other nations how things can be put right and how we can do right by our children now and in the future," Mera says

Listen to the podcast.