Education and Social Work students named as 3 Minute Thesis winners

03 August 2017

winners 2 Winners FLTR: Minh Do (Masters Runner-up), Akshat Shah (Masters Winner), Miriam Seifert (Doctoral Winner), Elba Ramirez (People’s Choice Award Winner) and Joohyun Park (Doctoral Runner-up).

There were ten finalists in last night’s 3 Minute Thesis Competition, all with outstanding presentations.  Presenting a thesis in 3 minutes certainly is not for the faint hearted and takes heaps of courage. The judges commented that the presentations were of a really high standard and they had a very tough time picking the winners.

The winners on the evening were:

Doctoral Winner:
Miriam Seifert – Business School
Title: The Influence of Anti-consumption on a Firm’s Abilities to Achieve a Competitive Advantage – Case Studies from the Slow Fashion Movement

Doctoral Runner-Up:
Joohyun Park – Faculty of Education & Social Work
Title: This is your life: The interplay between success, acculturation, and subjective well-being in New Zealand and Korea

Masters Winner:
Akshat Shah – Faculty of Science
Title: Nosey Speech- Effectiveness of a workshop to improve community speech language therapists' ability to assess and provide appropriate intervention for children with cleft palate speech disorders.

Masters Runner-up:
Minh Do – Business School
Title: Twin Ports Cooperation Modelling - A Study of Auckland and Tauranga Ports

People’s Choice Award:
Elba Ramirez – Faculty of Education & Social Work
Title: Intercultural Communicative Language Teaching: A Matter of Potential over Proficiency

Miriam will be representing the University of Auckland at the Asia-Pacific 3MT taking place on Friday 29 September at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia and will also be entered into the U21 Virtual 3MT competition.

Akshat will be representing the University at the Masters 3MT Inter-University Challenge to be hosted by Victoria University in Wellington on Thursday, 24 August.

winners FLTR: Akshat Shah (Masters winner), Minh Do (Masters Runner-up), Ruth Lemon, Sarah Leadley, Joohyun Park (Doctoral Runner-up), Miriam Seifert (Doctoral winner), Eryn Kwon, Elba Ramirez (People’s Choice Award Winner) and Clark Tipene.