Associate Professor Ben Dyson elected Chair of International Research Group

26 July 2017

Associate Professor Ben Dyson
Associate Professor Ben Dyson

Associate Professor Ben Dyson has been elected Chair of the Research in Learning and Instruction in Physical Education SIG (Special Interest Group) for the American Education Research Association (AERA). The AERA is a well-known international organisation of scholars who are researching in education. Within the AERA community of education researchers, members belong to one or more of the 12 divisions and over 155 special interest groups (SIGs).

The Research in Learning and Instruction in Physical Education SIG is the most prestigious research group globally in physical education. The members of the SIG make up leading researchers from Europe, Asia and the United States. 

Dyson is the first New Zealander and first individual outside the United Sates to be appointed as Chair. Dyson has a long-standing relationship with AERA and served as the Program Chair of the SIG from 1999 to 2001.

Dyson says he is looking forward to serving as Chair and hopes to contribute an international perspective to what has traditionally been an American-focused organisation

“I am hoping to broaden the focus of this AERA SIG and expand the membership for more international scholars. For example, I have proposed that we change the name of the SIG to attract new members. The new name might be: Research on Health, Physical Education and Sport.

Since I am the first chair from outside the United States I have the opportunity to draw in new members from a number of different countries. This will be facilitated by the fact that I am a Board member of AIESEP, the most well-known international organisation for research and education on Physical Education.”

In 2011 Dyson received the Metzler-Freedman Exemplary Paper Award and in 2016 he was presented the "Editorial Leadership" award from Human Kinetics for service as Editor of the Journal of Teaching in Physical Education from 2012-2016.