Anonymous donation funds the establishment of an early-literacy scholar in the Marie Clay Research Centre

14 September 2016

Donor_Stewardship_Showcase_Event-0204 copy (004)
Janet S. Gaffney, Warwick Elly, Beverley Randell and Christine Roberts at the Faculty of Education and Social Work donor showcase: Leading learning, changing lives.

A long-time admirer of the work of Dame Marie Clay has made a significant, anonymous donation to the Marie Clay Research Centre.

Driven by the same vision as to what the world can be — a totally literate global community valuing diverse cultural and linguistic contexts, the donor decided to celebrate and support the establishment of the Marie Clay Research Centre by gifting the sum to support its research aims. The gift is tagged to support a three-year position for a post-doctoral, early-literacy scholar with a research programme that fits within the four aims of the Centre: Leadership, Equity, Achievement and Diversity (LEAD).

“This gift ensures that the Marie Clay Research Centre is able to begin core work in early language/s and literacies from the onset and mentor new scholars into this important area of research,” says Professor Janet Gaffney, Director of the Marie Clay Research Centre.

The Marie Clay Research Centre was launched 2 March 2016 by the Faculty of Education and Social Work, the University of Auckland. The vision of the Centre is to honour and continue the legacy of pioneering literacy researcher, Dame Marie Clay who died 13 April 2007. Not only was Dame Marie Clay the University of Auckland’s first woman professor, but she was also New Zealand’s first woman professor. In 1976 Marie Clay began her pioneering work on what would become known world-wide as Reading Recovery. She championed the idea that young children deserved the support that they needed to get off to a good start in their literacy learning.