Christine Rubie Davies presents inaugural lecture

17 March 2016


Professor Christine Rubie-Davies, a Professor in Education in the School of Learning, Development and Professional Practice at the Faculty of Education and Social Work delivered her inaugural professorial lecture to 160 teachers, academics, students, family and friends on Tuesday evening.

The evening began with the Dean of the Faculty of Education and Social Work, Graeme Aitken congratulating Christine on her promotion to professor which is a mark of distinction at an international level.

Christine’s lecture, Aiming for equity: How teacher expectations can alter students’ academic trajectories, explored the idea that teacher beliefs can moderate teacher expectation effects.

The focus of the lecture centred primarily on Christine Rubie-Davies’ work around high expectation teachers and her encouraging findings that all teachers can learn effective practices of high expectation teachers leading to significant student gains in achievement. Work related to expectations for Māori at both primary and secondary levels and associated educational implications was also presented. 

Moving forward, Christine aims to implement her Teacher Expectation Project as a school wide initiative to encourage teachers across the school, with the support of school management, to integrate the practices of high expectation teachers into the way they teach their students.


To listen to the recording with lecture slides click here