World of Difference award

06 January 2015
Adrian Schoone Vodafone World of Difference
Adrian Schoone at the Vodafone World of Difference awards ceremony

Faculty of Education doctoral candidate Adrian Schoone has been awared the 2015 Vodafone World of Difference Fellowship to provide research and leadership in alternative education.

Adrian is nearing the end of his PhD research which investigates the role of an alternative eduction tutor.  His research is supervised by Associate Professor Peter O’Connor from the faculty’s School of Critical Studies in Education.

Adrian is the general manager of the Creative Learning Scheme, an alternative education provider, and the chairman of the Alternative Education National Body.

The Vodafone fellowship will allow Adrian to focus on completing his PhD and write a book about alternative education tutors and the important role they play in education.

Adrian says the book will help others in education to develop, train and understand tutors.

He will travel to the UK and Europe to study social pedagogy, which involves bringing together the principles of youth development and wellbeing, along with counselling, community development and engagement in the arts. 

Adrian will also consult with alternative education providers nationally on tutor training recommendations and present these to the Ministry of Education, secondary schools and tertiary providers.  

“Currently there is no formalised training programme for tutors yet they are working with some of the most disenfranchised young people. The tutors are experts at student engagement and they are passionate about making a difference, building relationships and holding onto positive outlooks. I want to help grow their capacity so they can have pathways of development and career progression.”

Adrian says the year-long fellowship will help speed up the journey he embarked on when starting his PhD.

“I have been given the responsibility to build on the alternative education sector, and to build tutor capacity. In the end it is all about helping young people and supporting our youth.”