Faculty of Education and Social Work

Māori teaching and research

Find out about the areas of Māori education teaching and research that our staff are involved in. Feel free to contact these staff members if you are considering postgraduate research on these topics.

Research areas

Māori-Medium Curriculum

Educational Psychology

Student Achievement and Assessment

English-Medium Curriculum

School and Community Partnerships

Sociology of Education

  • Barbara Backshall
    Sociocultural pedagogy (ECE)
  • Dr Te Kawehau Hoskins
    Social theory and Philosophy including: Post colonial and Indigenous Studies/Education, Ethnicity and Multicultural Education
  • Professor Alison Jones
    Cross-cultural pedagogies, Post-structuralist theory and schooling, Indigenous studies in education
  • John McCaffery
    Language/ Literacy Education and Diversity, Bilingual /Immersion Education, TESOL, Māori literacy and Critical Literacy
  • Professor Stephen May
    Politics of multiculturalism, ethnicity and nationalism, Social theory (particularly the work of Bourdieu), Indigenous education, Multicultural education
  • Rae Si’ilata
    Language, culture and identity
  • Dr Georgina Stewart
    The intersection between language, knowledge, culture and education.
  • Melinda Webber
    Identity development in educational contexts
  • Mike Webster
    Leadership and organisational management in social and human services

Language Learning and Revitalisation

  • Hēmi Dale
    Bilingualism, Biliteracy
  • Tauwehe Hemahema-Tamati
    Applied linguistics in Māori-medium education, Bilingualism – second language acquisition, Translanguaging, Biliteracy - transacquisition, Simultaneous transliteracy
  • Maree Jeurissen
    Language acquisition, Literacy practices and Māori families, Uptake of Te Reo Māori as a subject in secondary schools, Teachers’ knowledge about grammar and grammar teaching
  • Dr Peter Keegan
    Māori language documentation & conservation, Māori vocabulary, phonetics/phonology, Māori language acquisition
  • Professor Stephen May
    Language rights, Bilingualism and bilingual education, Sociolinguistics and language policy, School language policies
  • Te Rongopai Morehu
  • Marian Pearce
    Māori language regeneration
  • Rae Si’ilata
    Bilingualism and bilingual approaches in mainstream education, First language maintenance, Language and literacy teaching across the curriculum
  • Tony Trinick
  • Rachael Tūwhangai
    Language teaching, learning and testing, Integrated language learning technologies, Māori language regeneration