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This project is driven by the need to strengthen the quality of teaching and learning of science in schools, to improve teacher confidence to teach science, and improve students’ engagement and achievement in science. Building coherent pathways across the years of schooling that reflect the different purposes of science education at different stages of schooling is central to this.

Through a focus on the learning area of Science the Learning Change Networks methodology and infrastructure will be used to:

  • Encourage teachers, parents, whānau and iwi to work together to identify a science related learning challenge
  • Critically explore the core purposes of school science as they see them
  • Support members of each network to harness existing expertise in their network and communities
  • Build sustainable links between schools (supply side of education) and families, whānau and wider communities, and science community (demand side of education)
  • Establish continuity of support for science teaching and learning that is focused on learner needs, especially equitable outcomes for priority learners 

Learning and Change Networks Science

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