The Learning and Change Networks Team

Meet the Learning and Change Networks team.

Learning and Change Networks key contacts

  • Bev Wallis and Rob Mill, Ministry of Education
  • Mary Wootton, University of Auckland

Mary Wootton (MEd 1st class Honors), Lead Facilitator

Mary Wootton

Mary Wootton (MEd 1st class Honors) is an experienced and highly successful facilitator of learning who supports people in ways that they blossom and she becomes invisible.  It is a facilitation art form that is growing in demand as people come to terms with modern learning environments.  Mary understands the importance of retaining elements of the instructional core, such as assessment, curriculum, teaching and learning pedagogies and leadership.  She also recognises the phenomenal growth of informal learning through lateral and digital networking.  Integrating formal and informal learning is no simple matter and expert facilitation can save thousands of hours of hit-and-miss development.  Mary's style is suited to many different circumstances.  She coaches individual school, business and sporting leaders to learn how to learn in the modern world, trains professional development teams to adopt future-focused facilitation skills and runs seminars and un-conferenced networking days for interested parties from small groups up to 500 people. Mary's most recent roles include:

  • Lead Facilitator for the NZ Learning and Change Networks strategy
  • Lead Facilitator for Assessment and Literacy for University of Auckland international schooling projects
  • Literacy Programme Director for the NZ Consortium for Professional Learning



Ministry of Education Team Learning and Change Networks

  • Rob Mill, Lead Development Advisor

Learning and Change Networks Science Facilitators

  • Jessica Costa
  • John Locke
  • Mary Wootton