A big point of difference for Children’s Art School is that we help students to focus on developing their skills with one medium over a term, rather than spreading their attention over several.

Children’s Art School provides both weekday and weekend sessions during term time, as well as themed holiday programmes. We provide a range of classes catering to different age groups, with most term classes running for eight weeks inside the 10-week school term.

Our classes provide children with an opportunity to:

  • Be taught by experienced Art Specialists and primary teachers with a strength in art.
  • Explore and develop elements and principles of art using a variety of tools, materials and processes over the course of a year.
  • Work in depth, developing ideas on a theme into one/two pieces of high-quality work over the course of a term.


Class sizes

Classses are limited to a maximum of 15 students per class, with extra classes being started when there are suitable numbers.


Class duration

1.5 hours (term programmes)

NOTE: Term 4 Saturday classes will be 7x1.75 hours.


Course fees

One term:                     $170

Two terms:                    $330

Three terms:                 $495 

Four terms:                   $650 (save $30)

Holiday programmes:     $170 for one workshop or $330 for two


Family concessions

One term/Workshop:      $330 for two children, $495 for three children.

Two terms/Workshops:   $650 for two children.


These fees cover tuition and all materials. Concessions for Holiday Programmes are the same as those for the term.