Inclusive education isn’t dead, it just smells funny Event as iCalendar

25 February 2019

4 - 5pm

Venue: Kohia Centre, Epsom Campus

Location: Gate 1 78 Epsom Avenue Epsom, Auckland 1023

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A teacher in a Maori-medium classroom

In this session Professor Roger Slee from the University of South Australia will encourage discussion of the state of inclusive education in a world driven by competition and exclusion.

Professor Slee will argue that notwithstanding the intensity of inclusive public discourse, exclusion is expanding and deepening.

He will draw from his most recent book and from his work commissioned for UNESCO’s 2020 Global Education Monitoring Report.

Particular consideration will be directed towards the challenges for teacher preparation and education.

Prof Roger Slee

Professor Roger Slee is currently at the University of South Australia, where he is a Vice-Chancellor’s appointment as the beyond Horizom Chair of Education.

He has previously held research chairs at The University of Western Australia, Goldsmiths College University of London, Victoria University and the Institute of Education UCL where he was the Chair of Inclusive Education. Roger is the former Dean of Education at Goldsmiths, The University of Western Australia and Magill.

Roger is author and co-author of numerous books, chapters, journal articles and reports based on his work in many international contexts. He is the Founding Editor of the International Journal of Inclusive Education and Disability Studies in Education. Roger is on the Editorial Boards of many other journals. He is editor of the book series Studies in Inclusive Education published by Brill/Sense. This series focuses on the ways in which schools contribute to the failure of different student identities on the basis of gender, race, language, sexuality, disability, socio-economic status and geographic isolation. The series is distinctive in expanding the focus from a narrow consideration of what has been traditionally referred to as special educational needs to understand school failure and exclusion in all its forms.

Professor Roger Slee is globally recognised for his work in inclusive education. Beyond academia, Roger has advised governments and education authorities in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Kosovo, Montenegro, Greece, England, India, Iraq and Jordan.