Distinguished visitor lecture: Professor Dennis McInerney Event as iCalendar

06 March 2018

5 - 7pm

Venue: J1 Lecture Theatre

Location: 74 Epsom Avenue, Auckland, Faculty of Education and Social Work

Contact info: 5 – 6pm lecture in J1 | 6 – 7pm drinks reception and networking opportunity in A201

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Teacher commitment: Are there essential characteristics that ensure engagement and longevity in the teaching profession?

Within New Zealand fewer beginning teachers are entering the profession and there is a high rate of attrition among beginning secondary teachers. Just under half leave teaching within the first five years of joining the profession, and the proportion that start in permanent full-time positions has also fallen (Secondary Teacher Supply Working Group Report, August 2016).

This pattern is similar in many educational jurisdictions including the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia. However, there are educational jurisdictions where this phenomenon of high teacher attrition is not present. This presentation will draw on data from a large teacher based study in Hong Kong, where teacher attrition is low.

It will examine teacher commitment, motivation and attributes: and their effects on job satisfaction, psychological health, well-being, and intention to remain in the teaching profession and current school; correlates of low attrition from the teaching profession. While commitment to one’s occupation and organization, its predictors and consequences has been a topic of considerable research within I/O psychology (Meyer et al., 2002), it has been less studied among teachers.

The issue of teacher commitment is, however, of great importance. One way to examine this issue is to consider the forms of commitment that characterize teachers, the motivator and attribute predictors of commitment, and consequences of commitment in terms of job satisfaction, and intended continuance in teaching as a career.

A total of 1,060 Hong Kong teachers from 41 schools including religious and non-religious, English medium and Chinese medium of instruction, and band 1 and band 2 schools participated. The data discussed in this paper have been published in a number of articles covering a range of topics, and will be discussed in the context of New Zealand education.

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