Thinking aloud: Revitalising supervision Event as iCalendar

15 November 2017

4 - 5pm

Venue: N 614 Epsom Campus

Location: 74 Epsom Avenue, Epsom, Auckland

Host: The School of Counselling, Human Services and Social Work

Cost: Free. No registration required.

A seminar with Matt Rankine and Andrew Thompson

The workshop

The cultivation of an effective supervision space is essential for revitalising, reflecting-on, and transforming practice. It is our premise that supervision is enriched through the method of deconstructing and reconstructing recorded sessions. In this presentation, the supervision space is co-constructed revealing a powerful learning opportunity and insights about the supervisory relationship. We critically examine the content of recorded supervision sessions and follow-up participatory reflection sessions using a ‘thinking aloud’ process. We will also discuss an alternative approach to deconstructing supervision, developed from a learning-community of supervisors. Our presentation will recommend processes that enable, revitalise and enhance the supervisory relationship.

The presenters

Dr Matt Rankine and Andrew Thompson are Registered Social Workers at the University of Auckland. With previous experience in the domains of child health, child welfare and clinical supervision they have an extensive background in social work skill development.

Matt and Andrew are passionate about reflective supervision and have provided external supervision to a range of inter-professional disciplines for many years. Matt and Andrew have researched and explored the importance of reflecting on practice through the narrative of practitioners and service users in child welfare and health settings.