The contradictions of education systems: Where are they now? Event as iCalendar

13 November 2017

5:30 - 6:30pm

Venue: N3 Lecture Theatre, Epsom Campus

Location: 74 Epsom Avenue, Epsom, Auckland

Host: The School of Critical Studies in Education

Cost: Free

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Professor Roger Dale
Professor Roger Dale

A Distinguished Research Fellow Public Lecture with Professor Roger Dale

University of Bristol, UK

Please join for drinks reception in A201 from 4.30pm.


About the lecture

In this talk, I will seek to re-examine the conflicting ways that education is associated with the justification, embedding and extension of capitalism. This will entail a retracing of the work I began some forty years ago, about the relationship between the state and education. At that time, my argument was that education systems contributed to the embedding and extension of capitalist economies and societies in three fundamental ways: (1) direct contribution to the economy through the preparation of variously skilled levels of labour; (2) the construction of a common basis for societal cohesion, based on a common experience of schooling; and (3) as legitimation for an unequal society, by promoting a meritocratic approach to elite formation. However, the crucial element of, and tension within, this formulation was that these three objectives of education systems were not ‘naturally’ mutually compatible, but mutually contradictory. This could be seen at the level of the individual classroom, at the level of the system as a whole, and with the forms, practices and outcomes of schooling. It is crucial to recall, however, the wider sets of conditions that underlay these systems and practices, have changed significantly in the intervening four decades or so since I first commenced this work. These shifts have essentially dissolved any ‘apparent’ tension that may have existed between them through the introduction of New Public Management and neoliberalism—
key phenomena which have and continue to shape the education agenda in New Zealand and elsewhere.

About the speaker

Professor Roger Dale is a sociologist of education, and currently Professor of Education at the University of Bristol, UK. Prior to that he was from 1989-2002 Professor of Education at the University of Auckland, and from 1970-1989 he taught Sociology of Education at the UK Open University.

He is the founding co-editor of Globalisation, Societies and Education, and a member of several other editorial boards of journals in the field of sociology of education. He has been involved in several major EU education projects, and was from 2007-10 Scientific Coordinator of EU Network of Experts in Social Science and Education. He was President of the British Association of International and Comparative Education in 2014.