ECE Seminar Series and the Marie Clay Research Centre presents: Early writing - Insights from the analysis of children’s texts Event as iCalendar

02 September 2016

4:30 - 5:30pm

Venue: J1 Lecture theatre

Location: Faculty of Education and Social Work. 74 Epsom Avenue, Epsom Auckland

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Writing is critical to children’s literacy skills generally and is a key mechanism for expressing ideas and reworking understandings as integral to the educative process. Writing skills have also been shown to be quite stable across year levels with those who are successful writers in the early years the ones who tend to continue to be good writers in the later years. 

Therefore, it is critical to better understand the dimensions of writing central to development that might support teaching and learning in the early years. In this session findings from the analysis of 500 writing samples from 250 Year One students will be shared.  The results reveal the levels of attainment and changes in students’ writing across both the authorial and secretarial aspects of writing. The analysis provides insights for teaching, as this acknowledges the intricate, individual progressions students make, recognises the relationships between the key dimensions of writing and provides further opportunity for reflection on the teaching of writing and the affordances provided to enhance students’ outcomes. 


Associate Professor Janet Scull is an experienced language and literacy educator and, as a key author of the Victorian Early Years Literary Program, has contributed to the design of systemic approaches to literacy teaching and learning. Janet’s teaching and research focuses on areas of literacy acquisition, literacy teaching and assessment, effective teaching practices in the early years of schooling and exploring relationships between language, literacy and learning. She is also a Reading Recovery Trainer and continues to support the implementation of this early literacy intervention. Janet’s PhD was directed to obtaining an account of how children learn to read with comprehension and how researchers can measure, analyse and theorise reading. Janet is currently involved in a number of research projects with a specific focus on language and literacy in the early years.

Watch the video of Janet Scull's lecture here.