Faculty of Education and Social Work

Call for abstracts (oral presentations, performances and posters)

All Faculty of Education and Social Work postgraduate and doctoral students are encouraged to submit an abstract for the biennial symposium highlighting your research in progress or recently completed.


What are the benefits of participating?

  • Engage with a supportive academic community about your work
  • Hear about similar and related work others are doing
  • Develop confidence in writing an abstract and presenting to an audience
  • Develop skills for attending conferences, publishing and conducting your oral examination
  • Present your key ideas in preparation for other University opportunities such as the next 3 Minute Thesis and Exposure events
  • Be inspired by other speakers and deepen your scholarly experience by mixing with other researchers on campus


You may choose to present a ten-minute oral paper, a ten-minute performance or present your work in the form of a poster that will be on display all day. Your short paper, performance or poster may have been presented elsewhere.

All parts of the Abstract Template must be filled in. We encourage you to discuss your abstract with your supervisor. There will be an abstract writing workshop run by your PGSA (Wednesday 12 July 12-1.30pm – A201a).


Abstract submission is now closed.


Oral presentations, performances and posters

Every student who participates will receive a short feedback form. This feedback is intended to identify strengths (in presentation style and content) and make brief suggestions that will help future presentations.

You will put up your posters and slides or other material for presentations on Friday 13 October at 3pm. You will be advised about this later.

Further information about presentations, performances and posters can be found here: www.education.auckland.ac.nz/en/about/events/doctoral-and-postgraduate-symposium.html