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Take our virtual tour and see why the Faculty of Education and Social Work is such a vibrant place to study and work. You can also download campus maps.

Epsom Virtual Campus Tour

Explore thirty-two 360 degree photographic panoramas of the faculty’s Epsom campus.

  • Faculty of Education and Social Work

    The main entrance to the Faculty includes visitor reception, the music auditorium, tennis courts, staff and visitor car parking.

  • Marae

    Tūtahi Tonu, the Epsom campus marae, hosts many cultural, social and learning events.

  • Inside Marae

    Mark Klaricich was the principal carver of Tūtahi Tonu, the wharenui was officially opened in 1983. Marae website

  • Main Reception

    First point of contact for general inquiries and the location of the Postgraduate Office and the Office of the Dean.

  • Sylvia Ashton-Warner Libary

    The Sylvia Ashton-Warner Library supports the learning, teaching and research of Faculty of Education and Social Work staff and students.

  • Epsom Information Commons

    Here students can access PCs, iMacs, printers, and short loan laptops and netbooks. After-hours access is available.

  • Gymnasium

    The Faculty Gymnasium in G block is well used by teacher education students.

  • Fitness centre (G1)

    Weights and equipment to help you keep fit. For access: students see ETTSA in K block; staff go to A148.

  • Gate 1

    78 Epsom Ave, Epsom, Auckland (Kohia Education Centre, Team Solutions, Te Puna Wānanga, Te Puna Kohungahunga)

  • Gate 2

    76 Epsom Ave, Epsom, Auckland (Parking)

  • Gate 3

    74 Epsom Ave, Epsom, Auckland (Main reception, Education Student Centre, Office of the Dean, Postgraduate Office, Research Office... and more)

  • Gate 4

    60 Epsom Ave, Epsom, Auckland (Academic Success Centre, The University of Auckland Centre for Educational Leadership, Starpath, Woolf Fisher Research Centre... and more)

  • Gate 5

    52 Epsom Ave, Epsom, Auckland

  • Gate 6

    109 Ranfurly Road West, Epsom, Auckland (School of Critical Studies in Education)

  • Gate 7

    227 Gillies Ave, Epsom, Auckland

  • Gate 8

    28 Kohia Terrace, Epsom, Auckland (Early Childhood Education Centre)

  • Gate 9

    2 St Andrews Road, Epsom (Gymnasium, Pool, Triple P Research Group, School of Learning, Development & Professional Practice)

Tai Tokerau Virtual Tour

Explore thirty-two 360 degree photographic panoramas of the faculty’s Tai Tokerau campus.

  • Tai Tokerau Campus

    This view of the campus includes reception, administration, library, ICT Suite, classrooms and car parking.

  • Sylvia Ashton-Warner Library

    The Library and its staff support the learning, teaching and research of Tai Tokerau staff and students.

  • ICT Suite

    Students can access computers and a printer 8.15am – 4.15pm Mon - Fri (except when classes are held here).

  • Student Centre

    Student learning and Māori student support services are here plus a space for students to relax and study.

  • Inside Student Centre

    Student space to relax or study (wireless available), catch up with classmates and use the kitchen facilities.

Map of Epsom Campus


Epsom campus map
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Other campuses

Maps for the City, Tai Tokerau, Tāmaki and Manukau campuses are available for download here:

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